Today Ericka, Ali, and I all presented our proposals to the nursing curriculum committee. All of us were approved to continue on with our projects!!!  

We met with 6-10 nursing professors and several students who participate in the committee. We all sat around a table and informally presented our ideas. I think we were all a bit nervous at first, but it went very well.

The next thing all three of us have to do is create our surveys and get them approved by the RIC Institutional Review Board. We all set different deadlines for that. My goal is to have my survey created and approved by September. I also plan to have the literature review done by then (looks like I’ll be having a fun summer), and I will distribute my survey in October. I am going to analyze all my data in Nov/Dec and start to create educational materials. Once the new year begins, I’ll be piloting an education campaign. I’m really excited for where this project is headed.

Now that the three of us are all set with proposal approval we can focus on helping the rest of our class to formulate theirs! I think that’s about all the updating for now.


5 thoughts on “The Big Day

  1. Wooohooo!! That’s awesome 🙂 Great to hear your hard work has paid off so far. I can’t wait to meet again and talk about what’s next.

  2. I’m so proud of the three of you! That’s awesome news! You’ve worked so diligently all these weeks, and it’s totally paid off. I’m also completely impressed that you also have a timeline for your work, Kate. Holy moly, that’s fantastic. You have a sense of and can visualize now how it will all unfold. That’s exactly what I hoped would happen…a clear plan lies ahead. I can’t wait to hear more details about the panel and process: What was their feedback to you (they must have had some!)? What kind of notes did you walk away from the process with? What did you advisor say about all of it? Dying to know…it’s feedback for me!

  3. Congrats guys!!!!!! Now you have one foot through the door and can really get into what you want to do. Hopefully you guys will have some good advice for us when it comes to submitting our own proposals!


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