I’m Kate, a registered nurse from Massachusetts. In May of 2014 I graduated from Rhode Island College in Providence, RI with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

I work at a summer camp and at a local hospital. When I’m not working, I’m either reading, running, horseback riding, or spending time with my friends and family.

Since high school I have had a strong interest in the sciences, and I’ve always been a curious person who loves to learn new things. Several personal experiences with the medical field sparked my interest in a career in nursing.

My interest in DVT/PE specifically began after a close relative was diagnosed with one following an injury and survived. In nursing school I learned that DVT/PE is the number one cause of preventable death in hospitalized patients. I also learned just how common it is and how few people know anything about it. As part of the Honors Program at RIC, senior honors students have the ability to conduct independent research projects within their fields. It seemed like the perfect storm of circumstances, and I decided to undertake my own project about DVT/PE awareness. Right now as a new graduate, I’m working on getting my research published. Thanks for checking out my site!